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This is the great heroic story of Ertugrul Ghazi & Kurulus Osman, the father of Osman who founded the Ottoman Empire. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag (2020). The show is famous in Turkey & abroad particularly Pakistan and Azerbaijan but also has been banned in Arab countries and Fatawa has been issued against this show. The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan praised the show and recommended people to watch it. Now officially, the series is broadcasting now on PTV in Urdu dubbing.

  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 30

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  1. Mian Adil says

    Waiting for the bolum 30.

  2. MUNWWER KHAN says


  3. Aleem says

    Episdoe 31 release date ?

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020

  4. rana m. asif says

    please change ertugrul ghazi he is so baad

  5. Farhan Rasool says

    Please make ensure Urdu titles run so fast that some times it becomes difficult to read and understand fully, same problem with Nizam E Aalim all episodes as well.

  6. qasim sheikh says

    31 ?

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020

  7. qasim sheikh says

    31 part kab aayga

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020

  8. Aqib says

    When episode 31 is coming?

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020

  9. shakeeb khan says

    i m waiting for 31 episode osman season 2

  10. qasim sheikh says

    31 bolum?

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020

  11. M.habib says

    Episode no.31.what date telecast.

    1. admin says

      29 October 2020 at 1pm

  12. Hasnain says

    29 October uploding time

    1. admin says


  13. Noor Fatma says

    Please change Ertugrul Ghazi. He looks abit like Suleiman Shah to me. You could just have changed Engin Altan’s beard and put wrinkles on his face. That would be perfect…

  14. saim says

    where is part 2 of 30th episode??

  15. Shama says

    I like to watch on giveme5.co but it really very hard to find episode in your website and don’t like to watch any other website because of bad quality video. Only giveme 5 is best website. Please give me proper link of your website.

    1. taimoor says

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