Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed Episode 50 with Urdu Subtitles

Watch Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed Episode 50 with Urdu Subtitles. You are watching Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed Season 2 Episode 50 with Urdu Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality. Payitaht: Sultan Abdul Hameed, named The Last Emperor in English, is a Turkish historical drama series starring Bulent Inal and Ozlem Conker depicting historical events set during the reign of the 34th Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II.

Show Details:

Show Name:Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed
Release Date:11th May 18

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed History:

The series begins in the twentieth year of the Sultan’s reign. They are planning a big project, the Hejaz Railway. But the son-in-law of Sultan Mahmud Pasha and the British and Theodore Herzl are trying to sabotage this project. In the harem, on the other hand, the strong rivalry between Bidar Sultan and Sneha Sultan extends to her family. The daughters of Sultan Murad’s brother also attended the palace. His eldest daughter, Hatice Sultan, falls in love with Kemal al-Din Pasha and plans to marry him, while on the other hand, Naim Sultan, the Sultan’s daughter, is also in love with Kemal al-Din Pasha and tries to win his heart, eventually getting sick.

Hatice Sultan pretends to love Naim that Kamaluddin loves Naim by giving Naim a letter written by Kamaluddin to Hatice. Mahmud Pasha, Suneha Sultan’s husband, piled slander and slander on Mehmet Pasha, Bidar Sultan’s brother, and finally exiled him. Abd al-Qadir, the son of the Sultan, is constantly manipulated by Mahmud Pasha and his son Sabah al-Din, and as he tries to spoil their game, he enters into a deeper chaos and at the end of the season that has begun, he is stuck in a burning room with his mother Asma, a treacherous servant, by order of Sabah al-Din. The Kingdom of Greece attacks the Ottoman lands and the season ends with the Ottoman Empire declaring war on Greece.

The fifth season begins with Farid Pasha, who became Grand Vizier. Sultan Abdul Hamid’s eldest brother, Murad V, died, leaving an heir in the Masons, which he left voluntarily in the form of a piece of music. It didn’t take long for the man to decipher the formation. Ahmed, Ismail and Selim Pasha were ordered to follow this man on a train to Thessaloniki, but he was killed, raising suspicion about the three. Since there was a meeting of Freemasons in Thessaloniki at that time, one of them could have been Freemasons Pasha. All three pashas were questioned. Ismail and Ahmed Pasha label each other traitors, and a person named Minyas confronts both with conflicting information about the other’s alleged betrayal. Minyas is also the one associated with the real Masonic Pasha and associated with Young Turks. After losing confidence and being demoted from his rank, Ahmed Pasha secretly turns against Sultan Abdul Hamid and allies himself with Minyas and opposition leader Ahmed Rida.

Sultan suspected many people. The Masonic Grand Lodge was founded after its predecessor in Thessaloniki and consisted of Karasu, Sabah al-Din, Fernandez, Selim Pasha, and others. Sultan Ahmed Nuri’s son arrives to help defeat the Freemasons and the opposition. While Selim Pasha was discovered as Maysun Pasha, Mahmoud Pasha threatened him to act on his behalf. After a series of events, Mahmud Pasha was forced to flee the palace and take refuge with the British Embassy and the Freemasons. Mahmud Pasha moved to Paris, but before he moved he told the Sultan that he was in fact a spy within the Masons. He reveals that he has joined the Freemasons to destroy them internally. It also shows his serious illness. In Paris, Mahmud Pasha received information from his dissident son Sabah al-Din and Karasu. He then sends this information to the Palace to help destroy Mason and protect the Empire. Then Mahmud Pasha died of an illness. After a violent turn, Abdülhamid restored the constitutional monarchy and expelled Tahsin Pasha from office.

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed Episode 50 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan11th May 1810:00 PM
India11th May 1810:30 PM
US11th May 181:00 AM
UK11th May 186:00 PM
turkey Turkey11th May 188:00 PM
UAE11th May 189:00 PM
KSA11th May 188:00 PM

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles


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