Yunus Emre Episode 40 with Urdu Subtitles

Watch Yunus Emre Episode 40 with English & Urdu Subtitles. You are watching Yunus Emre Season 2 Episode 40 with English & Urdu Subtitles & 1080p Ultra HD Quality. As Mongol invasions are getting more frequent, Yunus travels to Nallihan where he establishes himself as a Seljuk official. After joining Taptuk Emre’s dergâh (dervish monastery), he proceeds to follow his journey of becoming a dervish.

Show Details:

Show Name:Yunus Emre
Release Date:18th June 2015

Yunus Emre Synopsis:

Yunas Emre was born in 1238 and lives at the end of the Seljuk Empire. The Mongols were attacked in Anatolia and the Anatolian Inhibitors became defenseless, poor and disparate. At this time, only one Yunas Emre gives virtue, love and tolerance to the people of Anatolia. He was a famous poet and wrote many poems and also used his mother tongue and Turkish instead of Persian or Arabic. In a very short time. He is gaining popularity and efficiency. Yunas Emre sources work for the sake of Allah and Islam, Turkish folklore and history and continually seek wisdom. He went to Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and eastern Anatolia and many other places as well.

Tapduk Emre was his teacher and Yunas Emre respected his teacher all his life. He died in Anatolia in 1320. In 2015, the Yunas Emre series began on screens. It has two seasons. Audiences can see in season one, Yunas Emre’s struggle with his soul, ego, and viewers can see in season two, Yunas Emre learns wisdom and truth. He was a Sharia judge and served in Nalihan.

He had a kind of attitude with the authority he got from his judge. Meet Tapduk Emre before heading to Nalihan. Tapduk Emre shows no interest in him and it drove Yunas crazy. He ponders why Tapduk didn’t respect him. After a while, he falls ill and needs care. He has an appointment with the doctor who was not a Muslim.

Yunas Emre had injured his foot. He said to the doctor “Is this wound healing?”. The doctor replied that he was only a doctor and he could not examine the inside of the foot, only a Tapduk could examine the inside of the foot. He was amazed after his response, then his heart turned to respect for Tapduk effendi. After some time, Yunas began looking for and finding Tapduk’s dargah. The events of the TV series happen from Yunas Emre, Tapduk Emre and Molla Qasim. Molla Qasim accompanies Yunas Emre’s fight because Molla Qasim is a reflection of Yunas Emre. When Yunas Emre lived in the dargah, effendi Tapduk gave him some tasks so that Yunas himself could obtain upgrades and conquer the war against the inside of him.

Yunus Emre Episode 40 Release Date and Time:

Pakistan18th June 1510:00 PM
India18th June 1510:30 PM
US18th June 151:00 AM
UK18th  June 156:00 PM
turkey Turkey18th June 158:00 PM
UAE18th  June 159:00 PM
KSA18th June 158:00 PM

Yunus Emre Episode 40 With Urdu Subtitles


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